Trimorphodon b. vilkinsoni

The Texas lyre snake is a small, attractive, rear-fanged, non-dangerous snake. It is found in a stretch from the Big Bend to El Paso following the Rio Grande. They are protected in Texas. They are not commonly seen, usually appearing after rains.

This specimen is from the Eagle Mountains, Hudspeth County. It was found in an arroyo at around 5,400 feet elevation. Its hind end was in a bush, its body was stretched out in mid-air and its head was in a crevice.

When I first saw this specimen on Black Gap Road, I thought that it was an alterna (gray banded kingsnake.) It is much lighter in coloration than the snakes found on the river road. He blends in well with the background.

These are closups of the head of a Trimorphodon. Notice the vertical "cateye" pupil.