(Crotalus scutulatus scutulatus)

These snakes are usually referred to by local herpers as "scutes".
Within the range of this work they are found in Brewster, Presidio and Culberson counties. They may occur in Jeff Davis County, but I have not seen them there. They are not a snake to fool around with. They don't like to be pinned, hooked or touched in any way. They go on the offensive faster than any snake I have seen. I have seen them strike straight up. They are strong. They are nasty. They have a wicked venom.
They are similar in appearance to the prairie rattlesnakes, but have the black and white "coontail" similar to that of the diamondback. The diamondback pattern is diamond shaped, as compared to the more oval band on the scutes and prairies.
This one is obviously a female and appears to be gravid. She is from Culberson County, in the foothills of the Delaware Mountains.