Mexican hognosed snakes
Heterodon nasicus kennerlyi

These snakes are usually referred to by the local herpers as "kennerlyi." They are the only hognose snake found in the range of this work and are found in all the counties covered.

The Mexican hognose snake is one of the favorites of collectors. It is a small snake; seldom found over 20" long. Most specimens found are 12" - 16". They will feed readily on most toads and frogs but part of the attraction of kennerlyi is that they usually feed well on small mice in captivity. In the Trans-Pecos they are not a common snake. Although I have found specimens later in the night, the best time to find them seems to be around sunset and dusk. They are found throughout the range covered by this page, although they are more common in some areas than in others. Van Horn and the area around Valentine (between Marfa and Van Horn) seem to have better populations than the middle part of the area. The Pandale dirt road, north out of Langtry, can turn up an occasional specimen at dusk. I have found several on dirt roads inside Del Rio.

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This female was collected near Van Horn, Culberson County.

This is a male from Fort Davis playing VERY dead.

This little cutie was my first Mexican Hognose. It was collected near Van Horn, in Culberson county. He first went through the neck-flattening, hissing and striking. When he realized that this would not intimidate me, he went into an agonizing death act. I took this picture when, after a couple of minutes, he slowly turned his head to look up to see if I was still there. He then went throught the death routine again.