Gyalopion canum

There are two genera of hooknose snakes found in Texas, but only G. canum is found in the range of this work. The other is Ficimia streckeri, found in far south Texas. G. canum is found in all the counties covered by this work
The hooknose snakes are small snakes, seldom found over 11 or 12 inches long. They feed primarily on scorpions and spiders. They are not a rare snake, but are not often seen on the roadways.
They are a docile snake which never bites humans, but may whip around a bit and smear musk when handled. This specimen was collected near Van Horn in Culberson County. It is a large one, about 12 inches and one of the prettiest I have found.

Notice the slightly upturned snout, which gives the snake its name.